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51 "David Kuhn died rather suddenly from pneumonia, following an attack of the flu." KUHN, David (I17688)
52 "Efter kong. Bevilling copuleret Enkemanden Knud Christiansen med Else Nielsdatter af Bandsbjerg." Den kongelige bevilling skulle formentlig til, fordi de ikke er blevet trolovet forinden. Family (F25381)
53 "Ellen the widdow of Kenelme Winslow was Buried the 5th of december. 1681: being 83 yeares old".

That Ellen the wife of John Adams was Ellen Newton is not in any way certain. According to Anderson, 4it "is based on the fact that she is the only Ellen in the 1623 land division, and there was no other known addition to the Plymouth population in the next few years." In any case, Ellen the widow of John Adams married Kenelm Winslow. [David Pane-Joyce] 
NEWTON, Ellen (I36488)
54 "In Search of Home" book shows DOB as 10 Aug 1867 WINTER, Magdalena (I23779)
55 "In Search of Home" book shows DOB as 25 Jul 1876 HINS, Christian (I21828)
56 "In Search of Home" book shows married Nov 15, 1859 Family (F9729)
57 "In Search of Home" has marriage as Jan 3 1853 and Bessarabian index shows 20 Feb 1853 Family (F9542)
58 "In Search of Home" shows day of marriage as Nov 22, 1922 Family (F12477)
59 "In Search of Home" shows dob as 13 Oct 1876 (change in calendar??) and headstone shows Oct 3, 1876 TIEDE, Nathaniel Gottlieb (I19808)
60 "In Search of Home" shows DOB as 25 Apr 1869 HINS, Salome (I21831)
61 "In Search of Home" shows DOB as 5 May 1831 HARTMANN, Johann (I13384)
62 "In Search of Home" shows DOB as Dec 18, 1863 WINTER, Jacob (I23780)
63 "In Search of Home" shows DOB as Feb 15, 1851 HOFFMANN, Justine (I17517)
64 "In Search of Home" shows DOD as Oct 8, 1931 HARTMANN, Dorothea (I19805)
65 "In Search of Home" shows his DOD as 14 Jan 1920 HINS, Gottfried (I21830)
66 "In Search of Home" states DOB as May 25, 1843 HOFFMANN, Gottfried (I17518)
67 "In the so-called 'Tomb Yard,' east of the First Parish Church in Norwell Village, is a tomb bearing this inscription on the flat slate covering: 'This Tomb was erected and these bodies Deposited by ye desire of Miss Deborah Clapp Briggs. She Died Aug. ye 10th 1799 -- AE at 17 Years & 4 Months. She was the orphan Daughtr of Mr. James Briggs ye 3rd & Mrs. Deborah his wife her Mother Mrs Deborah Briggs Died August 11^th 1782 AE at 21 Years Mrs hannah [Hannah Barker Briggs] ye wife of Mr James Briggs Died may ye 16th 1792 AE at 67 Years her Father Mr James Briggs ye 3rd Died October ye 12^th 1792 AE at 40 Years Who are here Deposited until the General Resurrection.'" BRIGGS, Deborah Clap (I37587)
68 "James resided at Conihassett on a part of his father's farm, which part, with the house standing upon it, was conveyed by gift to him by his parents in 1673, a few days before his marriage. It is thought that the house mentioned in the deed of gift was that named in the deed from Timothy Hatherly in 1651 to Walter Briggs, who built a nwe house upon the farm."

He served in King Philip's war as a lieutenant. He was surveyor of highways, constable 1676, and selectman 1689. 
BRIGGS, James (I44167)
69 "Judge Otis' residence at Scituate was on the south of Coleman's Hill, the former residence of Gilbert Brooks, Esq. He held the office of Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Plymouth Co. from 1703-1714. In 1709 the townof Scituate voted that 'the Society empower Joseph Otis, Esq. to finish the meeting house by pewing it, and also to appoint two and two to a pew[when they do not agree to couple themselves], each couple paying the cost of building the pqe.' In 1710 he was elected under the governor's order, representative to 'the Great and General Court', and again in 1713. He held other town offices. He moved to New London about 1721, where many of his relations and acquaintances lived, and bought of James Harris a tract of 650 acres of land 'lying in the North parish in Ne Longon, adjoining a pond called Obplintksok,' now Gardiner's Lake, a mile or more in length. This land was purchased by Thomas Stanton, or Stonington, of Owaneco, 11 Nov 1698, and by him sold to Joseph Otis. He was received to the communion of the church at New London 19 Nov 1722.

"He was much in public employment, was Moderator of town meetings, on parish and church committees almost yearly, etc.

"From the records of Colchester, Conn. it appears that in 1724 he purchased of Capt. Samuel Gilbert a house and farm of 180 acres, lying in the east part of the town of Colchester, on the old country road for '770 pounds lawful money of New England.' He is described in the deed, as of Scituate. This land Joseph deeded to his son nathaniel in 1735, 'for and in consideration of the love, good will and affection which I have for and do bear unto my beloved son, and is the whole of what I design my said son shall have of my estate'. The house erected on this land by Nathaniel, has been occupied successively by five generations.

"Judge Otis is spoken of by his contemporaries as a gentleman of greate integrity, a judicious and useful citizen. The following portrait was written of him soon after his death 'He was a Christian upon principle, a public spirited and useful man, distinguished by talents of the solid, judicious and useful, rather than of the brilliant and showy kind. He was of large stature, his countenance solemn and serene, frank and open in his manner, of ready wit and sound understanding. As a private individual he had the union of simple dignity and benevolent courtesy which marks the gentleman. He died universally lamented.'" 
OTIS, Joseph (I27007)
70 "Mr. Otis rose to be a man of great distinction and influence, of superior genius, but more indebted to the native energy of his mind than to a regular education, for the acquirements he possessed. The simplicity of the life and times is shouwn by the fact that accidental circumstances led him to engage in the legal profession. On one occasion when he was at Court in Barnstable, a neighbor, who had a case pending, was unprovided with counsel, and solicited his aid. He consented to act, and managed the case with such ability as to receive the strong encomiums of the court, and appreciative friends induced him to study for the profession of the law, in which he soon acquired a commanding position. His study of the principles of law, as connected with politicl institutions, had prepared him for a clear perception of the effects that would have resulted from the execution of the ministerial plans agains the colonies, and he ardently engaged in asserting their rights. He was elected a member of the provincial legislature in 1758, made Speaker of the House in 1760, and continued in that office for two years, when he was negatived by Gov. Bernard.

"He was, among his other positions, also Colonel of the militia. A document is given in 'Barstable Families,' Vol. II. pg. 42, ordering a troop of horse in the County of Barnstable, Aug. 14, 1757, to which his name is signed as 'Coll'n of st. Regiment."

"In 1763 he was appointed Judge of Probate for Barnstable county, and Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, Feb. 1764, and he continued at the head of that court until the Revolution. The same year he was again chosen Speaker of the House, and also one of his Majesty's Council, but was negatived by the Governor, owing to his opposition to the measures of teh government. HE was elected into the Council every succeeding yer, and was negatived ass regularly as chosen, until 1770, when Lieut. Col. Hutchinson approbated the choiser. Mr. Otis sat at the Council board during the first years of the war; he was president and oldest member of that body. From the departure of Gage and the adoption of the state constitution, he exercised during that period the functions of chief executive magistrate of Mass.

"He served on many committees of the legislature during the period from 1760-1775, which reported some of the most remarkable of those sincere and masterly state papers which were produced during the period preceding the epoch of the American Revolution. His name has been frequently mentioned in terms of high esteem, as a compeer with Adams, Quincy and Hancock. [William A. Otis] 
OTIS, James (I27668)
71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PEDERSON, R.C. (I15920)
72 "Nathaniel Church was born in Plymouth or Duxbury, and the youngest brother of Col. Benjamin the warrior. He was in Scituate 1666. His farm was laid out on the North river, south of Cornet Stetson's, including the bald hills. His house stood near the river, opposite nearly to Job's landing." [Samuel Deane, History of Scituate, Massachusetts, from Its First Settlement to 1831]

On 3 Mar 1662/3 Nathaniel Church and Elizabeth Soule were fined for committing fornication with each other. On 5 Oct 1663 Elizabeth Soule sued Nathaniel Church for committing fornication and denying to marry her. She was awarded £10. [Robert S. Wakefield, "The children and purported children of Richard and Elizabeth (Warren) Church," The American Genealogist, 60, 1985, 129-139] 
CHURCH, Nathaniel (I27256)
73 "Newlyn", 33 Snowdon Road PYE, James (I19793)
74 "Søn af salig Niels Backensen af Jegum." NIELSEN, Niels (I35911)
75 "The eldest daughter of Deacon John has been the subject of much spectulation. It was first thought that she was the Elizabeth who married 1st David Fiske and 2nd Samuel Webb. However, the will of Thomas Durkee, brother of Deacon John, named Elizabeth Welbbas his daughter. Then in the recapitulation of the family in the Windham records it was stated that Elizabeth had died in Gloucester. This left an Elizabeth Durkee who married Joshua Calkins with no place in the family. However, the will of Deacon John has identified Elizabeth Calkins has his daughter and it then becomes clear that the Elizabeth who died in Gloucester was Elizabeth Parsons, first wife of Deacon John." DURKEE, Elizabeth (I28755)
76 "The Widow Pricila Warren Deceased on y^e 15 of May 1707 being Near 74 yeares of age". [David Pane-Joyce] FAUNCE, Priscilla (I27173)
77 # 166 BOWES, Joseph (I24199)
78 # 167 HOLTBY, Charles (I24192)
79 # 167B HOLTBY, Elizabeth (I24195)
80 #160 DOBSON, Sarah Jane (I23421)
81 #161 DOBSON, Robert (I23374)
82 #161 THOMPSON, Martha (I23375)
83 #208 LOVE, Albert Ernest (I20237)
84 #268 STEWART, Hugh M. (I4679)
85 #27A WARD, Ernest Daniel (I20935)
86 'of Odensland', father of the Losna Clan. ________, Erlend På Odensland (I15030)
87 'of Simling'. Masculine line now broken, as he only had two [Jim] or three [Mike] daughters. FILIPPUSSON TIL SIMLING, Fartegn (I15024)
88 'Truck driver' means Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver. Occupation:Clerical Work, Eaves Hall; Farmer; Post Office Worker. PYE, Francis William "Bill" (I19711)
89 (34-43) CLARK, Ann (I50029)
90 (C.O. Esse was not survived by any siblings as per his obituary) ESSE, Sithone Olasdtr (I966)
91 (died aged 6 months) PYE, Gwenneth Campbell (I21639)
92 (Fere Champenoise II) SEEFRIED, Anna Maria (I17070)
93 (George) Orson Welles, actor and director, (1915-1985), 9th generation, descends from Martha and William Fobes as per the Alden website.

(Richard H., Mary Blanche Head, Orson S., Jonathan, Ruth Little, Fobes, Martha Pabodie, Elizabeth Alden, John) 
LITTLE, Ruth (I32165)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LONG, B.J. (I49704)
95 (His 2nd marriage, her 3rd) Family (F19656)
96 (His 2nd/Her 1st marriage) Family (F19637)
97 (or Dec) ADAMS, Joseph (I27497)
98 (Sessions Settlement) MOSS, Joseph (I6258)
99 ** Although marker shows surname as Beich, at the time of her death she was surname Weibel.

Afama F Weibel Date of Death: 14 Aug 1996 Place of Death: Marysville Age: 90 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1906 Residence: Marysville Gender: Female Certificate: 027944. Source Information: Washington Death Index, 1940-1996 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.

"The gravestone incorrectly gives the birth year as 1906 ... She was born Feb 10, 1905 in Madison, Lake County, South Dakota (South Dakota birth index, SSA&C Index and SSDI); her Death Certificate lists her as Afama F. Weibel; the SSDI note her name to be Afama F. Platanack.

She was married three times, as follows.

M 1) Otto Warren Beich
M 2) John Platanack, on Jun 3, 1967 in Snohomish County, Washington
M 3) Leroy Howard Weibel, on May 15, 1981 in Carson City, Nevada"

-information kindly shared by Find A Grave contributor Ruth French, via email February 12, 2017. 
MILLER, Afama Fay (I50556)
100 - census & death cert. say Missouri JORDAN, George O. (I13995)

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